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Lens Baby 0.6x Wide + 1.6x Telephoto Lenses

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Product Description

The Lensbaby 0.6X Wide Angle Conversion Lens and the 1.6x Lensbaby Telephoto Conversion Lens allow photographers to change the effective focal length of Lensbaby lenses ( with 50mm focal length) to either 30mm or 80mm by screwing the conversion lenses onto the front of their Lensbaby lens. The 1.6X Telephoto Conversion Lens converts the Lensbaby to 80mm and slightly increases the size of the sweet spot, the 0.6x Wide Angle Conversion Lens on the other hand has a unique optical design that widens the field of view while keeping the size of the sweet spot constant relative to the size of the photo. Standard wide angle conversion lenses shrink the sweet spot when used with a Lensbaby. This Wide Angle Telephoto Lens Kit is compatible with all Lensbaby lenses.

Sellers Notes

Boxed with cases and caps.
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