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Hasselblad H1 Body + Prism + P30 Digital Back

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Product Description

Released in 2002, the Hasselblad H1 is a autofocus 6x4.5 medium format system camera. It was jointly developed with Fujifilm who also distributed it as the GX645AF.

The body is from Hasselblad, the focusing sensor and screen are from Minolta while the lenses, meter finder, and film backs are all made by Fuji. The body can be updated with firmware for bug fixes.

The camera uses a dot matrix LCD display on the top right shoulder area to display camera settings. Changing setting requires pressing various buttons and or selecting menu functions, set the values by rotating the knob by the shutter release. Exposure modes include aperture priority, shutter priority, manual exposure and programmed mode. Multi exposure is possible can be set to 2, 3, 4, 5 and unlimited exposures.

The focus modes include a manual mode with focus indication in the finder, a single shot AF and a continuous AF modes. The focusing screen can be interchanged. The standard screen is a acute matte type D screen with markings for spot metering and AF area.

Camera Type: Medium-format SLR
Film Type: 120/220
Lens Mount: Hasselblad H

AF: Yes
Film Rewind: n/a
Flash: External

Power Source: 3 x CR123 Batteries
Dimensions (mm): 145 x 110 x 89
Weight (g): 800

Sellers Notes

H1 Body with HV90X meter prism and Phase One P30 digital back, with Hahnel twin charger and 2x bateries, approximately 41,700 shots taken.
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