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Hasselblad H2 Body + Finder + 80mm F2.8

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Product Description

The H2 arrived in 2005 as an update of the H1 camera.

The Hasselblad H2 camera builds on the success of the Hasselblad H1 camera, providing features that make digital high-end capture as easy as point-and-shoot.

Featuring an integral supply of power to the Hasselblad Ixpress CFH digital back to enhance the ease of use and mobility of the system, additional metadata stored in the image file to make further image enhancement possible, and functions to support the Instant-approval architecture in the Ixpress CFH digital back, the H2 offers an extremely powerful medium format system to the photographer with the ability to capture both film and digital photographs.

Camera Type: Medium-format SLR
Film Type: 120/220
Lens Mount: Hasselblad H

AF: Yes
Film Rewind: n/a
Flash: External

Power Source: 3 x CR123 Batteries
Dimensions (mm): 145 x 110 x 89
Weight (g): 830

Sellers Notes

Boxed with charger, 2x batteries. lens hood and cable release, body has taken 78,552 shots and lens 12,856 shots.
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