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Rolleiflex Gray Baby 4x4

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Product Description

Produced from 1957-1963, the Rolleiflex 4x4 Gray Baby uses the increasingly obsolete 4x4cm (127)film.

This model helped kick-start a brief boom for 38mm × 38mm "super slides" (whose slide mounts were the same external dimensions as 35mm slides, but offering a larger image area), and inspired several Japanese lookalikes such as the Yashica 44.

With a Schneider Xenar 60mm F3.5 taking lens and a Heidosmat 60mm F2.8 viewing lens, the Gray Baby offered the quality that had come to be expected from Rollei with their Rolleiflex TLR cameras.

This fully mechanical 4 x 4cm camera is a quirky icon that would fit well in any photgrapher's collection, offering sharp images and compatibility with 35mm slide projectors.

Camera Type: Medium Format TLR
Film Format: 127

AF: no
Film Wind: n/a
Flash: n/a

Power Source: n/a
Dimensions (mm): 64 x 81 x 123
Weight (g): 680

Sellers Notes

With case and lens cap.
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