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Heliopan 49/67 ND 0.45 Centre Filter

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Product Description

The Heliopan 49mm ND 0.45 SH-PMC Center Filter helps to compensate for light falloff by providing 1.5 stops of concentric graduated neutral density in the center of the filter that tapers off to clear by the edges in order to produce even overall exposure with large format wide-angle lenses.
Constructed using high quality Schott glass, this filter helps to maintain high optical clarity and contrast to help render scenes with greater fidelity and resolution. The SH-PMC multi-coating provides a total of 16 coatings, 8 per side, for significant reflection reduction (below 0.2%) as well as dust and moisture repellence for easier cleaning.
The durable brass ring fits lenses with 49mm mounting threads and features an oversized front thread diameter of 67mm to further prevent vignetting.
Helps to compensate for light falloff that occurs when working with standard length large format wide-angle lenses.
ND 0.45 filter requires 1.5 stops of exposure compensation in order to produce normal results.
SH-PMC multi-coating offers both protection to the glass and helps to maintain light transmission and image quality.
Constructed from Schott glass for high optical clarity.
An oversized filter ring helps to reduce vignetting while still enabling the attachment of subsequent filters if desired. The rear mounting threads measure 49mm in diameter, and the front threads measure 67mm in diameter.
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