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PhaseOne 645AF Complete with P45+ Digital Back

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Product Description

Designed in conjunction with Mamiya and released in 2009, the Phase One 645 AF is a rebranded Mamiya 645AFDIII.

Building on previous 645 models, this incarnation offers cross-platform technology so that film backs or digital backs can be used as well as a plethora of compatible lenses.

The system is open platform meaning that lenses and backs from other manufacturers will also fit.

The P45+ back from Phase One offers up to 1 hour noise free exposures, near full frame captures, XPose+ technology and is perfect for interior or architecture photography.

Camera Type: 6 x 4.5 medium format DSLR
Megapixels: 39
Sensor: CCD

Lens Mount: Mamiya 645 AF
ISO: 50-800
Shutter Speed (seconds): 30-1/4000

Card Format: Compact Flash I/II
File Formats: JPEG, TIFF
Movie Mode: n/a

Screen: 2.2inch
Flash: External
Connectivity: FireWire 800

Power: 6 x AA battery
Dimensions(mm): 153 x 128 x 184
Weight(g): 1730

Sellers Notes

With charger + 2x batteries for body, charger 2x bateries for back, carrying case, firewire cable, L bracket, cable release, quick start guide, custom functions sheet and pendrive instructions.
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