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B+W 43mm Yellow (022M) MRC

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Product Description

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This 43mm Yellow MRC 022M Filter from B+W is used to increase contrast and separate light and dark tones in B&W photography. The Yellow absorbs blue and blue-green colors, which enhances the clouds and makes the skies look darker. Green foliage is affected as well revealing more detail and the color green going lighter. Objects in the distance will be seen more clearly, because the yellow filter cuts through haze and fog. The filter has a filter factor of 2, so the exposure should be increased by 1 stop.

The Schott Glass has multi-resistant coating (MRC), which acts as protection for the glass. The coatings reduce reflections, ghosting, and allows greater transmission of light than other filters with less or no coatings. Because of the coatings water will bead-up on the glass, which make cleaning the filter easier. The F-Pro Mount ring has front threads to allow another filter to be threaded on top. B+W has also made the F-Pro Mount thinner, so it may not cause vignetting on lenses as wide as 24mm. The ring is made from brass, which is a softer metal and it prevents the ring from binding on the front of the lens.
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