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B+W 43mm Yellow (022) SC

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Product Description

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The B+W 43mm Yellow SC 022 Filter can be used to increase image contrast when photographing using a film camera system with black-and-white film installed.

This filter's effect corresponds to that of a Wratten 8 filter. Wavelengths of visible light that are apparent as violet and blue colors to the human eye are suppressed, while visible light associated with green, yellow, orange, and red colors are able to more easily pass though the B+W 43mm Yellow SC 022 Filter and into the lens it is mounted in front of. When photographing with this filter along with black-and-white film, violet to blue-colored subjects within a scene are reproduced in darker shades of grey than without a filter. Simultaneously, green, yellow, orange, and red subjects are rendered in lighter shades of grey than if a filter was not used.

When applied to black-and-white photography, the increased contrast provided by the B+W 43mm Yellow SC 022 Filter can result in darker skies with more effectively defined clouds. Shades of green among foliage can be better differentiated, while tans are lightened, and the appearance of skin blemishes reduced. Additionally, this filter can also minimize the presence of haze caused by the bluish cast of daylight.
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