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Speedlite 580EX & 430EX Training DVD

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Product Description

The new EX series of Speedlites from Canon can be the most powerful accessory in your camera bag. Understanding how the controls work is important and this DVD takes you through their operation, step by step. Your host, professional photographer Tim Mantoani, demonstrates these flash units in a series of real world examples. He explains why and how to get an emotional response from your pictures by adding or subtracting light. Topics Covered: Flash Exposure Compensation Using the Flash as a Key or Fill light FP or High Speed Sync operation Slow Sync demystified Controlling the hardness or softness of the flash Auto and Manual Zoom control Flash Bracketing Manual Mode and Exposure Compensation Wireless Operation A:B and C groups why they exist and how to use them Group Ratios Flash exposure lock Getting the flash off the camera First and Second Curtain Sync Manual and Stroboscopic modes. This DVD keeps extra equipment needs to a minimum. Whether you own a 580EX, 430EX, or both, this presentation gives you a practical approach for approaching all photographic subjects that require a little portable sunlight. Whether you use one speedlite or a hundred, Tims approach will help you create the best photo possible. This DVD picks up where the manual stops, helping you to integrate flash photography into your image making arsenal. Tim Mantoani has been a professional photographer for over fifteen years. Shooting everything from professional athletes and celebrities, to fashion and products, his work has appeared in numerous national advertising campaigns and magazines. His monthly column on lighting has appeared in Photographic Magazine for the past thirteen years.
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