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DXO Pro V7.0 Standard

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Product Description

The DXO Labs Optics Pro 7 Standard is photo editing software based on your specific camera and lens combination. DXO has tested all compatible lens and camera combinations, considering each piece of equipment's weaknesses and automatically compensating for these shortcomings when editing. The result is highly optimized photo editing that's faster than the norm. Whether you're a pro, a student or a beginner, this software ramps up your workflow and allows you to spend more time shooting and less time in post-production.

In addition to the intimate knowledge DXO has gleaned from all the compatible cameras and lenses, Optics Pro 7 features presets that make your workflow even smoother. The interface is also extremely user-friendly and able to be customized for your specific needs. Other important functions like dust removal, color management, exposure and contrast and RAW conversion give you the ability to tweak and modify to suit each specific situation.
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